Radial Drilling Machine

The PARAS Radial Drill Machine is used to drill, core drill, ream, counter bore and tap holes of different sizes up to diameter of 50mm. The machine shall be appropriate for drilling in components of Ferrous and non-ferrous metals like Carbon Steel, alloy steel, cast steel, cast iron, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum and similar other materials. The drill is having massive and rigid construction. It has light centering spindle. It is the largest and most versatile drill used for drilling medium to drill large and heavy work pieces.

Radial Drilling Machine belong to power feed type. The column and radial drilling machine supports the radial arm, drill head and motor. The radial arm slides up and down on the column with the help of elevating screw provided on the side of the column, which is driven by a motor. The drill head is mounted on the radial arm and moves on the guide ways provided the radial arm can also be swiveled around the column. The drill head is equipped with a separate motor to drive the spindle, which carries the drill bit. A drill head may be moved on the arm manually or by power. Feed can be either manual or automatic with reversal mechanism. It has drilling capacity of 25mm, 32mm, 38mm and 50mm.

These devices are useful for accurately drilling relatively hard objects. Industries such as ship building, mining, textile, and power plants, repairing shops, steel rolling mills, workshops, paper mills, tool room, etc. use this equipment.

Technical Specification

Model PA 25 PA 32 PA 40 PA 50
Drilling capacity in steel (mm) 25 32 40 50
Max Distance from spindle to column 24" 32" 36" 48"
Minimum Distance from spindle to column 10" 12" 12" 18"
Max Distance from spindle to baseplate 30" 34" 40" 50"
Minimum Distance from spindle to baseplate o" 0" 0" 0"
Diameter of column 5.1/2" 7" 9" 10"
Number of spindel Speed 4 single 3 single 4"2 (with two 3 single) 3 single
Range of spindel Speed 80-70 RPM 80-700 RPM 50-760 RPM 40-750 RPM
Working Surface of Baseplate 9" 11" 13" 15"
Travel of spindle 6" 8" 9" 12"
Spindle morse taper no. 3 4 4 5
Verticle adjustment of ARM 15" 18" 21" 24"
Over All Height 60" 70" 80" 90"
ARM tilt any angle upto 90 90 kg 90 kg 90 kg
Floor space required 36"+21" 44"+25" 55"+30" 61"+32"
Electrical Motor required 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP
Motor RPM 1400-00 960-00 960-00 960-00

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