Light Duty Lathe Machine

O.P.S UDYOG offer high quality PARAS Light Duty Lathe Machine to meet all your requirements. There is flawlessly design of lathes giving tight tolerances. Lots of metal cutting works can be tried out using this equipment. It serves the purpose of transforming metal work resources into variant shapes over pre-determined dimensions. It is easy to operate and eradicates many complexities which are present in manual metal shaping.

Highly corrosion resistant and higher grade metals make it easy to maintain it and give high durability. It provides smooth performance and has sturdy construction.

They are widely used in Engineering colleges and ITI institutes for training purpose.

Technical Specification

Model PA-4241 PA-6241 PA-7250 PA-9400 PA-10400 PA-12400
Length of Bed 4.6" 6" 7" 9" 10" 12"
Width of Bed in mm 241 mm 241 mm 250 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
height of center in mm 165 165 381 381 381 381
Swing over bed in mm 300 300 736 736 736 736
Admit between center 653 mm 1090 mm 1000 mm 1600 mm 1900 mm 2500 mm
Swing Over Class slide 175 mm 175 mm 280 mm 280 mm 280 mm 280 mm

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