Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

VA are termed as te prirre wurce of Horizonta I Bandsaw Machine. which is t bricaed using wear esistsnt spares. that makes them perect doioe br ttr and shredding applicabons. Preerrea br is user friencnyra sae and lox trainer-snot. the Hordontal Badsaw Machine ofered by us has carved nioheforitselfiri the market attributes.

  • Robust Struaure
  • Diferent models and Iariants
  • Low mainer-ance
  • Easyt install and maintain

Technical Specification

Wheel To cut Max. Wheel Face Spokes Dia of Spoke RPM Trolly
38"(910mm) 55" 3"*3/4(75*20mm) 14 22mm 625 8-1/2"*3-1/2"
39"(990mm) 62" 3"*3/4(75*20mm) 16 22mm 600 11-1/2"*4"
42"(1070mm) 72" 3"*3/4(75*20mm) 16 22mm 575 12"*4"
No. of Vices Pullies sizes Line RTF H.P. Max. wt Vertically Pill Horizontal Frame
3 14"*4" 50 10 20.50q 250*250m 250*400mm(10"*16")
3 14"*4" 60 10 21.50q 250*250m 250*400mm(10"*16")
4 14"*4" 60 15 22.5q 250*250m 250*400mm(10"*16")

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